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«Trattato contra li astrologi» Джироламо Савонаролы и «Слово противу тщащихся звездозрением предрицати о будущих и о самовластии человеком» Максима Грека: Опыт сопоставительного анализа

Pages 1 - 17


The article «Trattato contra li astrologi» of Girolamo Savonarola and «Slovo protivu tščaščichsja zvezdozreniem predricati o buduščich i o samovlastii čelovekom» of Maxim the Greek: A comparative analysis focuses on the influence that Savonarola's works against astrology possibly had on ones by Maxim the Greek. Both Savonarola and Maxim developed their criticism of astrology in several texts. Among them, Trattato contra li astrologi and Slovo protivu tščaščichsja zvezdozreniem… show the most remarkable similarities. Analogies can be pointed out at different levels. In particular, comparative analysis uncovered the following: strictly corresponding text structures, use of the same biblical passages and in the same argumentative context; both authors refer to the same Fathers of the Church and quote the same passage from St. Augustine's De Genesi ad litteram libri duodecim, they recall the philosophy of Aristotle, advance the same arguments, and make use of comparable stylistic devices. On this basis the author formulates the conclusion that Trattato contra li astrologi served as model for Slovo protivu tščaščichsja zvezdozreniem



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