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„von Heiligen und Bösewichtern“. Zu Alexander Eliasbergs Übersetzungen für den Insel-Verlag

Carmen Sippl

Pages 136 - 150


“‘Of Saints and Villains’ – Notes on Alexander Eliasberg's Translations for the Insel Publishing House” examines the correspondence between the translator Alexander Eliasberg, the writer Stefan Zweig and the publishing house Insel-Verlag with regard to translations from Russian and Yiddish into German that appeared in the series “Insel-Bücherei”, “Bibliotheca mundi”, and “Pandora” between 1913 and 1924. A close reading of the letters (from archives in Prague and Weimar) aims to explore the process of cultural mediation as an interaction between translator (Eliasberg), editor (Zweig) and publisher (Kippenberg) in its material, mental, and cultural dimensions.


1 Alexander Eliasberg – Insel-Verlag. Briefwechsel 1912–1924. Goethe- und Schiller-Archiv, Weimar, GSA 50/929 und GSA 50/930.

2 Stefan Zweig – Alexander Eliasberg. Briefe 1913–1921. Památník národního písemnictví, Literární archív, Prag, 162/48.


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