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Tertia Vigilia: К истории американского юбилея «Слова о полку Игореве»

Андрей Андрей Устинов (Andrei Ustinov)

Pages 234 - 260

The essay reconstructs the circumstances of publishing the American edition of “The Song of Igor’s Campaign” in 1951 under the auspices of the “New Review” magazine initiated by the historian Mikhail Karpovich. He was the one who invited a prominent artist Mstislav Dobuzhinsky to illustrate Georgii Golokhvastov’s new translation. Karpovich also recommended to Roman Jakobson, who became his colleague at Harvard University to have Dobuzhinsky’s illustrations and sketches displayed at a special exhibition dedicated to the 150th Anniversary of the first publication of “The Song of Igor’s Campaign,” accomplished by the Prince Musin-Pushkin in 1801.

This article is written in Russian.


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