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Spiegelungen. Zur Spezifik des Donautextes

Dagmar Christians

Pages 27 - 43

The paper “Reflections. On the Specificity of the Danube text” considers the symbolic language of river texts and compares them. The study draws primarily on the texts collected by Vatroslav Jagić on the South Slavic folk epic, especially on the Danube, to newly conceptualize the semiotics of river texts. The findings show that manifold reflections in a homogeneous context are the core techniques of texts about the Danube which are primarily engaged in connecting, not separating, and view this for the first time in an East-West context. This is what defines the poetological specificity of the “Danube text” in general. In this way, the Danube text can become part of a comparative poetics of river texts.

This article is written in German.


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