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Харьковский кружок «формалистов» и ОПОЯЗ

Андрей Устинов (Andrei Ustinov), Галина Бабак (Galina Babak)

Pages 114 - 136

The essay “Kharkiv Circle of Formalists and the OPOIAZ” reconstructs the history of interrelations, both personal and professional between Ukrainian scholars, who participated in the “historical and literary circle” in Kharkiv, and members of the “OPOIAZ” in the first half of the 1920s. The authors recreate the context of the reception of the “formal method” in Ukraine, as well as theoretical and literary ramifications related to reception of the Formalist concepts within Ukrainian culture. The essay introduces Ieremiah Aizenshtok’s unpublished correspondence from his archives with the members of the “OPOIAZ” including Vladimir and Viktor Shklovsky, as well as Yury Tynianov’s letter from 1932.

This article is written in Russian.


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