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Provocateur, Pirate, Book Artist, Part II: An Archival Description of the Alec Flegon Papers

Alexander L. Jacobson

Pages 272 - 285

This article provides a continuation to “Provocateur, Pirate, Book Artist: An Introduction to Alec Flegon” (Jacobson 2020), published in this journal two years ago. Expanding on the biography established in the former piece, this article describes the publisher’s archive at Harvard University’s Houghton Library, focusing on materials which illuminate key elements of Alec Flegon’s life and work. In particular, the article describes material relating to Flegon’s numerous publications of and spats with Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn; papers on other books issued by the Flegon Press, including first editions of Kotlovan and Sobach’e serdtse; and documentation from the publisher’s personal life. The piece also employs archival images to illustrate Flegon’s creative process, bolstering the claim, first advanced in the previous article, that Flegon was “an insightful book artist, creating critiques of Soviet publishing practice only possible within the medium of the book.” (Jacobson 2020: 240).

This article is written in English.


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