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Еще раз о «спасении природы»: Александр Блок, Владимир Соловьев и понятие «культуры»

Аркадий Блюмбаум (Arkady Blumbaum)

Pages 92 - 113

“Returning to the Subject of ʻThe Salvation of Natureʼ: Aleksandr Blok, Vladimir Solov’ev and the Concept of Culture”. The article concerns the history of a concept, intellectual history more broadly, and the history of literature. It is devoted to the concept of culture in the work of Aleksandr Blok. In Blok’s texts, one can find two meanings of this term. On the one hand, culture is understood as an instrument for the suppression of affects, as an intellectual alienation from nature, as an agent of the “civilizational process.” In other words, culture is understood in the spirit of the European Enlightenment. On the other hand, Blok regards culture as an irrational phenomenon, as the removal of this alienation from nature. The evolution of the concept of culture in Blok’s texts becomes clearer when included in the long dispute between Romanticism and Enlightenment.

This article is written in Russian.


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