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A Thorny Way to Standard Kashubian

Vladislav Knoll

Pages 1 - 34

This article tries to follow up the concepts and concrete proposals on Standard Kashubian done during the creation of Kashubian written norm in the 20th and 21st centuries. It focuses on the evolution of Kashubian after the year 2000 and particularly on the position of the last Kashubian grammar by Hanna Makurat-Snuzik (2016) within the standardization process. The article also comments on the background discussions on standardization and evaluates the relationship between coexisting concepts on the shape of Standard Kashubian. Through this approach, the creation of a standard variety of a regional language is realistically portrayed and the issues the codifiers have to face and the ways they may take during standardization are showcased.

This article is written in English.

Keywords: Kashubian, literary Kashubian, Standard Kashubian, grammar, standardization


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