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Die Verehrung der Kirchenväter in den ihnen gewidmeten Akoluthien des ostslavischen Gottesdienstmenäums

Dagmar Christians

Pages 1 - 26

The article „Praising the Fathers of the Church in the acoluthia of the East- Slavonic Service menaion dedicated to them“ examines if and to what extent the hymns preserved in the menaion were suited to fulfill not only a mere liturgical role but also a didactic one, namely to teach the monks the dogmatics of the orthodox faith when monastic life was just being institutionalised in the Kievan Rus’. For this purpose, the author analysed acoluthia dedicated to important religious teachers preserved in those monthly volumes of the Service menaion, which are already published in scientific editions. Most of the examined hymns are purely panegyrical. They are characterised by stereotypical metaphors that show the saints as representatives of the religious teacher type. The services share a common anti-heretical polemic, some of the hymns are hardly more than catalogues of heresies or their commonly known representatives. In most of the services there are just a few hymns reserved to present fundamental dogmata of the orthodox faith as taught by the Fathers of the Church, mostly narrowed down to the essential arguments.

This article is written in German.


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