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Из комментариев к книге стихотворений и переводов Эллиса «Крест и Лира» VII–IX

Федор Поляков

Pages 227 - 256

This is a continuation of the series of commentaries (cf. vol. 10, 2022 of this journal) that concern the editing of the verse collection The Cross and the Lyre by the Russian Symbolist poet Ellis (Lev Kobylinskii, 1879–1947). The present contribution consists of three sections: VII. Poems of The Cross and the Lyre from Ellis’s Moscow collections (1911 and 1914). – VIII. The hаgiographical motif of the youth Anselm in the palace of the Heavenly King. – IX. “The Madonna on the Tree”: a poetic reflection of a cult tradition.

This article is written in Russian.

Keywords: Ellis (Lev Kobylinskii), Russian symbolism, translations of medieval poetry, legends, hagiography, St. Anselm of Canterbury OSB, Eadmer OSB


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